Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Square Project

I found out about Tara St James and her quest to show at New York Fashion Week from an article on Lemondrop. It all sounds rather architectural to me... turns out she's reading Rem Koolhaas, too. The different shapes (well, they all start out as squares) and textures are so intriguing, I can't wait to see more.

Tara heads up Study NY, a creative collective committed to using sustainable (recycled, organic) materials. She's working toward launching "The Square Project" clothing line at New York Fashion Week's Green Show.

From her site:

"‘The Square Project’, the first clothing line from the collective, will launch at New York Fashion Week in September as part of The Green Shows, the only premiere fashion event exclusively committed to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair trade fashion in NYC.

The Square Project is a study of shapes in relation to the human form – starting with the square.

The collection will comprise of 9 styles, (a square number of course), offered in two seperate colours. Each style will be made from a different number of squares."

Check out the photos on her site, and this video.

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